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Road Warriors

By Charles Wright

My traveling clothes light up the noon.
I've been on my way for a long time
back to the past,
That irreconcilable city.
Everyone wants to join me, it seems, and I let them.
Roadside flowers drive me to distraction,
Hover like lapus lazuli, there, just out of reach.

Narrow road, wide road, all of us on it, unhappy,
Unsettled, seven yards short of immortality
And a yard short of not long to live.
Better to sit down in the tall grass
and watch the clouds,
To lift our faces up to the sky,
Considering—for most of us—our lives have been a constant mistake.

"The instruction we find in books is like fire. We fetch if from our neighbors, kindle it at home, communicate it to others, and it becomes the property of all."     Voltaire (1694-1778)
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